How does the sharing a room work?

At the registration form you can fill in your preference for the person you want to share your room with. If both of you fill in the other’s name you automatically share a room. If one of you does not register or the preferences does not match a room-mate will be assigned. Assigning the rooms will be done by same sex and as far as possible same nationality. Rooms will be assigned only very shortly before the convention so we cannot provide you with information before arrival. There will be a list at the Convention Center.

Can I swap rooms?

Of course it is possible to swap rooms before and during the convention. You do not have to inform us in advance if you make a swap. In order to abide by the safety procedures we ask you to always inform the reception at the Convention Center at your check-in or during the convention.

Can I have a single room?

Yes, you can. You can check the prices at Dates and Prices section.
Can I have a triple bedroom? Yes, you can.

The price:

On Early bird is 650 dlls per person. Extra night: 160 dlls

From December 16 to April 15: 750dlls per person. Extra night: 185 dlls

When is check in/check out?

Check in is possible on Wednesday at you arrival, the room is normally ready at 3 o´clock pm . If you arrive earlier you can have something to eat, go to the swimming pools, beach, etc. As soon as you have your plane ticket you can e-mail us, let us know at what time you arrive and the hotel will try to have your room ready before this time.

Doing the check out is possible on Sunday at 12:00 pm. That is when you have to leave the room, but you can stay at the hotel and use the facilities, stay and have lunch),

If you booked for extra nights, then this could be different depending on the day of your arrival or departure. The Convention Center team is very flexible. Different check out times can be asked on the last day at the Convention Center.

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