Through conferences, panels, workshops, presentations, colloquiums, and spaces of dialog among participants, we will invoke the spirit that invite us to grow, ignite our inner guidance, awake our Core qualities, and bring awareness and inspiration to bring our gifts to serve the world’s challenges.

John Pierrakos stated that this evolutionary process was meant to be: “a work in progress.” In these times of such an intense change, it´s central to keep in focus the never-ending possibility of evolution in our work.

In the convention you will find:

Main Conferences. – They intend to propose the broad context, a vision of the “big picture”, the meaning or importance of our convention´s topics. They try to answer: Why are we gathered to discuss and learn this? why is it relevant for our professional activity? They also intend to propose the fundamental lines of work that will be developed in detail in other activities (workshops, presentations, etc.).

Panels.- Involving all the audience, these are spaces that intend to bring you several points of view regarding one specific topic. The presenters will have time to make an Initial exposition of the theme, and to exchange opinions or debate among them. Finally, the public is invited to get involved asking questions to the panelists.

The roll of the moderator is central to take care of the parameters: time, keeping the focus in the topic, and regulate the exchange of ideas.

Workshops.- One of our main and most popular activities. They are experiential-learning spaces designed for your personal growth. Besides the experiential component, the presenters will offer didactic material and practical applications, so you will gain information and develop more capacity for application in yourself and with your clients.

Presentations. – These are places that seek to give you a specific understanding about a particular aspect of the theory and practice of the conference´s topic.

It´s done by 1 presenter in front of a smaller group. The possibilities are: make a demonstration of an intervention or technique, share a personal experience with a theoretical background, etc.

Colloquiums.- Similar to the panel´s (2 -3 presenters) and focused in an specific topic, the colloquium´s structure is designed for smaller groups, so it can promote a more active participation of the public within a more informal structure. The intention is to propitiate a more intense dialogue between the presenters and the public.

Jumpstarts.- Designed to begin the day with energy and enthusiasm. They will prepare you to start the day feeling more alive and conscious. They involve different kind of activities that intend to move the energy, ground on your body, connect with people, and awake the spirit….

Process Groups.- If you feel something is bothering you; if experiences, insights or emotional impacts were triggered during the convention; or you simply want to connect deeper with people from different places, experience, etc.; we design this time at the end of a couple of days, to help you process whatever you are going through. They will be facilitated by a couple of senior faculty members of the international association.

Recreative activities. – And of course, here we are going to have our traditional talent show, the party, and some other surprises.

Join us in the 9th Core Energetics Convention!

All the lectures and workshops at the Core Convention are English spoken.

As we have designed the program until now we have:

  • Around 12 slots for jumpstarts.
  • If we talk about 3 panels with 3 places in each, 12 more (this are by invitation).
  • 4 main conferences (by invitation too.
  • 17 workshops
  • 4 presentations
  • 4 colloquiums (2- 3 people each = 8/12 places)
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