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Where is the 2022 Core Convention going to be held?

It will be held at the same venue, Palladium Costa Mujeres, Cancún, México.

Will the cost be increased?

The venue has committed to honor the 2020 reservation in 2021. If you already made a reservation, the venue will honor it, there will not be an additional cost.

Is it possible to get a refund if I am not attending the Convention in 2022?

There will be no refunds offered. We will honor the current registrations and money received to date to be safely held and credited to the Convention in 2022, for all who have enrolled and registered.

If I am not interested in coming on 2022, what can I do to my already-payed registration?

You are free to transfer your registration to another person. Kindly let us know, so we make the proper arrangements with the new participant.

For further questions, please contact us:

If you haven´t made a reservation yet, bare in mind we still have a few spots with a discount price.


How do I know if my enrollment is complete?

Once you filled in your registration form and your payment is completed, you will receive automatically an invoice by email. Your enrollment is at that time official. (Please contact us by sending us a mail to if you didn’t receive an invoice after finishing your payment)

Can I bring my partner/spouse?

Yes, we welcome all partners to the Convention. Thus, partners can sign up by using the regular registration process. And are invited to attend the full program.

If I wish to stay outside the Resort, will the price for attending the Convention change?

No. If you wish to find accommodation elsewhere, you are free to do so, but the price for attending the Convention will remain the same as if you stayed in the Resort (see Date & Prices).

If I bring someone with me (partner, spouse, friend, etc.), and they do not wish to attend the Convention activities, but make use of the Resort facilities, will the price for their place change?

No, the price remains the same even if the Convention activities are not attended. Attending the Convention activities, plus accommodation, amenities, and services are all included in one single price. Prices only vary depending the accommodation scheme you choose (see Date & Prices).

I forgot something in my registration. Some of my information has changed. I filled out information incorrectly.

Just use our form or send us a mail at   with the correct information and we will change it for you.

Which airport should I fly to?

Cancún, International Airport

My flight is later/earlier. What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything, just take a cab.
Besides the above mode of transportation we will provide another service for convention attendees. We will keep you posted regarding arrangements and costs.

Do I need a visa for México?

That depends on the country of origin. You can visit the official site of Mexico’s National Migration Institute or check with the Mexican Embassy in your country.

Can I bring my dog?

Regretfully, you cannot bring your dog, or any other pets.


 Is it possible to get a discount?

To make the Core Convention accessible for as many people as possible we kept the price as low as possible. Giving discounts is therefore not possible. The Core Convention committee and all working volunteers pay the same price as the participants.

Can I do payments by instalments?

Regretfully you can’t.

How do I pay my extra nights?

Please write down in your registration form how many extra nights you will be staying before or after the convention. And make the payment on the WEB.

If I am staying in a double or triple room for the Convention’s duration, and I decide to book any extra nights (prior or afterwards), but my roomates will not stay for any extra nights, what should I do?

We kindly request you to organize with other people in order to keep the original accommodation scheme you booked for (double or triple). You may also keep the room, but be aware you must pay the full double- or triple-room tariffs for the extra nights. You may also switch to a single room, and pay the corresponding single-room extra-night fee.

What is my currency exchange rate to dollars?

When paying through our website your terminal will automatically take your on-going rate.
If you would like to know the latest exchange rates, please visit:

What are the conditions for cancelling my registration?

No refunds are available.

Can I transfer my ticket to somebody else?

Yes you can swap places. Please send us your name, the name and e-mail address of the person who is taking your place. We will send the new participant a registration form. This transfer is only definitive once it is confirmed by our administration.

When is the last day I can book and pay my excursion?

All excursions must be booked and payed before June 25, 2022.


How does sharing a room work?

At the registration form you can fill in your preference for the person you want to share your room with. If both of you fill in each other’s name, you automatically share a room. If one of you does not register, or the preferences do not match, a room-mate will be assigned. Assigning the rooms will be done by same sex and, as far as possible, same nationality.
Rooms will be assigned only very shortly before the convention, so we cannot provide you with information prior to arrival. You will find the final list at the Convention Center.

Can I swap rooms?

Of course it is possible to swap rooms before and during the convention. You do not have to inform us in advance if you make a swap. In order to abide by the safety procedures we ask you to always inform the reception at the Convention Center at your check-in or during the convention.

Can I have a single room?

Yes, you can check the prices at Date and Prices section.

Can I have a triple bedroom?

Yes, you can check the prices at Date and Prices section.

When is check-in/check-out?

Check-in is possible on Wednesday at you arrival, the room is normally ready at 3 o´clock pm . If you arrive earlier you can have something to eat, go to the swimming pools, beach, etc. As soon as you have your plane ticket you can e-mail us, let us know at what time you arrive and the hotel will try to have your room ready before this time.

Doing the check-out is possible on Sunday at 12:00 pm. Then you must leave the room, but you can stay at the hotel and keep using the facilities, and have lunch.


I have a specific diet/allergy. What can I do?

You will be able to inform us through your registration form, we will provide this information to the resort. The hotel has a huge variety of food, it offers a wide buffet that includes all kinds of meals. We are sure you will find many possibilities according to your needs.

Can I bring my own food?

This is not possible.

Can I cook my own food?

There is no possibility for cooking your own food.

Can I book extra lunches and dinners?

There is no need for doing this. It is included in you night fees.

We will be having breakfast and lunch at the buffet as a group. At dinner time , if you want some privacy, you can attend any of the 8 thematic restaurants at the venue. They are part of the all-inclusive hotel. To do this you just have to book a table the same day in the morning so you guarantee there is space. You will do this directly at the concierge, next to the front desk, also you can make a phone call from you room.


All lectures and workshops at the Core Convention are English spoken.

Are the workshop/lecture rooms accessible for wheelchairs?

All the workshop/lecture rooms are available for wheelchairs, as is the rest of the Convention Centre.

For further questions, please contact us:

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